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Getting Started

This website was created to make it easy for those that are relatively new in the process of hiring freelancers on the internet. Getting the useful information from those that have the experience about hiring freelancers could help you safe time and money.

You want to recommend a freelancer for the world? No problem. He/She has impressed you with the services provided during the time you hired him/her?
If you are new, please get registered. If you are already registered, sign in and click on  recommend a freelancer
You are ready to recommend the freelancers. You can edit or delete this recommendation before the freelancer claims it. After the freelancer accepts and claims the review/ recommendation you may not have access to edit or delete it. Before you make up your mind to recommend a freelancer make sure you really want to do it because you can not undo it.

Are you a 5 star freelancer and one of your clients has recommended you by posting a review on locosend? You can claim the review for free.

How to claim your Awarded reviews?

Register, get your password from e mail sent to you. Log in, get into your profile. At the left hand side of your profile click on Awarded Reviews, then click on “Pending Reviews” Accept the reviews. DONE!

To claim additional reviews you must upgrade to either Bronze or Gold.

How to upgrade your account to Bronze or Gold; login to your account on locosend. At the left hand side you can click on Upgrade  Account.

Freelancers can claim only one review for free, to claim additional reviews you need to upgrade to either Bronze or Gold.

With Bronze membership you can claim 3 reviews

With Gold membership you can claim 10 reviews

All claimed reviews/recommendations remain as long as you are a member and will not be deleted.

Are you a client and you want to recommend “5 star” freelancers? You need not upgrade your account. You can recommend as many “5 star” freelancers as you want for free.
Thank you very much for sharing your experience about your trusted freelancers with us and for exposing the best  platforms where to hire the best freelancers.

Claim your first recommendation today for free.