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Sabariraj18 is quite the perfectionist. I hired him to write more than 50 research articles. I cant recall one instance of me being dissatisfied. When I wanted to promote products and build links real fast, he came up with excellent turn around time. His gigs are affordable or even cheap. For premium research articles I tipped him to double the payment. I just got an eBook done with his services. He included a free book cover as a bonus. Hired on fiverr Recommended by Dennis

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Pippa is a veterinarian and a writer who writes expert articles about animals. I hired Pippa to write several short 'tip'-type pieces about cats, and she did a fantastic job. Her contributions hit exactly the right tone for the readership, blending practical information with an easy-to-read, entertaining style. Pippa is enthusiastic and reliable, writes well and understands cats. I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone who wants articles, books or blog posts written about pets and related topics. Recommended by Rayne Hired onĀ Upwork