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Karina Kantas is an established author and outstanding publicist. I hired her as a virtual assistant to help me market my online independently published novels and she quickly expanded the presence of myself and my books beyond anything I had been able to achieve Karina is a marketer of distinction. She offers book trailers, sample narrations and virtual assistant services, and all her products are marked with the same excellence and appeal. I have seen many expressions of satisfaction and admiration from her other clients. Working with Karina was an extremely enjoyable experience. She has a most pleasant and reassuring personality and committed herself consistently and deeply to my interests. If you are looking to promote your book at the highest possible level in the vast world of online marketing, I would most highly recommend Karina Kantas as the person who will help you to achieve real success.

Dave is a creative marketing strategist. I hired him to advise me on a marketing strategy how to engage superfans to create word-of-mouth for my brand. Dave understood exactly what I wanted and did a first-rate job: thorough, concise, specific to my requirements, to the point. He gave me exactly what I wanted, only better. And he delivered faster than I had expected. I have no hesitation recommending Dave to other clients, especially to start-ups, freelance creatives, and anyone looking for fresh marketing strategies and modern concepts for their brand. Recommended by Rayne Hired on Upwork



Pippa is a veterinarian and a writer who writes expert articles about animals. I hired Pippa to write several short 'tip'-type pieces about cats, and she did a fantastic job. Her contributions hit exactly the right tone for the readership, blending practical information with an easy-to-read, entertaining style. Pippa is enthusiastic and reliable, writes well and understands cats. I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone who wants articles, books or blog posts written about pets and related topics. Recommended by Rayne Hired on Upwork

Michelle Graves

Illustration and Concept Design

Michelle is an illustrator. She created pictures for several creepy dark fantasy/horror stories for me, and I'm delighted with the results. The illustrations she created for me have a striking clarity that catches the eye at first glance, and at the same time a level of detail that entertains the lingering eye. Michelle carried out my instructions exactly as I wanted, while bringing her own creativity and imagination to the project. She adhered to the schedule, and the cooperation was smooth. I have no hesitation recommending Michelle for illustration work.


Virtual Assistant

Apreseline Fanega, "April" is a very reliable Virtual Assistant. I have worked with her for a couple of years and she delivered a great job for all her employers. She leads a team of online freelancers on Upwork. She treats her team mates as family which makes all the members be closer together. She did a great job for me and I will never hesitate to recommend her to those who need a VA, a Team Lead, Project Manager, Accountant and many more.

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